Simple Search Engine Optimisation Strategy For Accountants in Wirral

Accountant in Wirral

All Accountants in Wirral need all the help they can get when it comes to attracting clients, especially via the internet. Search engine optimisation can help them with this. With that said, here is a good SEO strategy for accountants in Wirral. Afterwards, feel free to implement the advice given below.

Keywords Research
Wirral accountants want to perform keyword research, but they want to include “Wirral” in their searches. For examples, some keywords an accountant will want to focus on includes “accountants in Wirral”, “Wirral accountants” and “best accountants in Wirral”. However, try to focus on keywords that are only low or medium in competition because the more competitive a keyword is, the harder it is to rank for them. Plus, if you rank for multiple low-competitive keywords and phrases, then this can result in quite a bit of traffic from all of the keywords used.

Create Content
Once you know what keywords you want to use, put them in a list and then create content based around each of those keywords. Use the keywords in exact match and partial match. Don’t stuff keywords into your articles because Google and other search engines consider this keyword stuffing. Use a keyword density checker and make sure you only use a density of one to three-percent.

Furthermore, publish articles to your website at lease 2-4 times per week. The articles can be about anything related to your business, but always use keywords associated with accountants and Wirral county. This is how the search engines will know what your content is about.

Link Building
Link building is important when it comes to search engine optimisation, and as an accountant in Wirral, you want to focus on building links that are relevant. For example, you can find a directory for accountants in Wirral county and then submit your link to it. Don’t forget to create a LinkedIn account that describes what you do and where your firm is located and then include a link from somewhere within your profile. These are only a few examples of what you can do to build links to your website.

Create videos that discusses anything related to accounting and Wirral county. This might be a challenge, but the benefits can be amazing. Create a new video once per week and keep the length of it around 5-10 minutes long, and include a link to your website from within the video itself and within the video’s description. As time goes on, you will have dozens and dozens of videos published and many links pointing back to your site and this may boost your website’s rank in the search engines results pages, as well as on the video sharing sites you publish your videos on.

The above SEO strategy for accountants in Wirral is simple, but very effective. The key to being successful with SEO is to be consistent with your efforts and to be patient because results from SEO don’t happen overnight. However, once you do start getting results, then you can sit back and enjoy getting an abundance of traffic.